Kite Spot Guide

Kiting Spots

Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras Kite Spots

On Cape Hatteras, you’ll find beaches that stretch for miles, the Pamlico sound’s waist deep water and across the dunes the ocean offers endless possibilities for  kitesurfing fun.

If you are a beginner/intermediate, you have come to the right place and we have created our Kite Spot Guide just for you! Just remember:

  • Determine the wind direction when choosing your kiting location, wind should be coming side on shore, never go out in off shore winds
  • Check the wind/weather forecast for the day to be ready for any sudden shifts in wind direction and velocity, the storms can roll in real quick.
  • Try to find a spot that is not too crowded, but don’t ride by yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask other kiters for advice
  • Be aware of buildings, power lines and other people

We recommend these locations for beginner kiters:

  • 2nd Turnout
  • D spot
  • Isabel’s/The Washout

What is a Downwinder?

Downwinders are a great way to practice your riding especially if you are at the stage where you can get up and ride but have not reached the holy grail of staying upwind. With a downwinder you can park a vehicle at the “downwind” location, which allows you the freedom to ride downwind without having to walk back upwind to your original location which takes time and energy away from kiting.

Ocean Downwinder (for intermediate – advanced rider)

So you’re riding upwind, transitioning, switching to toeside and landing your jumps? Sounds like you’re ready for a level up in kiting, catching waves on the ocean! These are some of our favorite Ocean Downwinders to get you started…

  • Ramp 34 to Avon Pier
  • Ferry Docks to Frisco Bathhouse